Shit Happens

Since My RV is parked down the hill from my septic, shit got real this summer. I purchased a tank that allows me to transfer waste to the septic. It is no fun. A few weeks ago, I christened it with my usual finesse. The transfer tank is 21 gal. The Rv tank is 50 gal. This is important to remember. Don’t open the valve all of the way, so I heard. learned that lesson in record time!

I’m ready to transfer to the septic. The tank has a handle that is not attached but is just a leverage thing that you can hook to your trailer hitch—you know, if you had one. Alas, i did not have a 2”ball hitch. i thought perhaps i could drag the tank to the septic. I am an idiot. I lost grip and dropped the tank and it fell against my knee. Naturally, I shrugged and said to myself ”hematoma and huge bruise. Same old, same old.” I decided to wait until i had the hitch. Borrowed a hitch from my wonderful neighbors and the rest went off without a hitch. (I crack me up.)

About 10 days later I still had a huge hematoma and bruise. A little pain but no biggie. Until, after watching some TV, I tried to move. I could not bend nor straighten my knee. To stand was extremely painful. I iced it and went to bed. Then I started freaking out thinking bloodclot. The next day my wonderful neighbor, Penny, took me to the ER (i called regular doc who could not see me.) Here is my conversation with Triage, nurse, PA, Sonographer, and X-ray tech.

Them: How did you do that?

Me: I dropped a barrel against it. Do i have a blood clot?

Them: A barrel? what? (PA) Like a keg?

Me: No, ok, it was a barrel of raw sewage. Do I have a blood clot?

Them: OMG, did it spill?

Me: No. Do i have a blood clot?

They determined no blood clot but no explanation why suddenly i could not move my knee. then the PA said ”it looks like there are a couple of chunks of cement perhaps knocked loose from your knee surgery.” I guess i should find an ortho here.

Tonight was the night. I’ve gotten much better at the whole process. The mosquitoes are the worst I have ever seen. And when you are gloved and dealing with crap, you do not want to slap any mosquitoes. I am now lying on a Shakti mat so i won’t be tempted to scratch the 742 or 6 bites.

The whole transfer process is my least favorite chore ever. And it’s a smell that sticks with you. Thankful for Lavender oil. Namaste.

Tank of terror
Tank of terror