Let’s Go Back to the Beginning

When I began my RVing adventure in 2014, I was going to blog but then a few things happened and blah, blah, here it is 5 years later. The memories have been popping up on FB so I guess I’ll relive it.

I had been dreaming of RVing and working from the road for years but, the boss wasn’t going for it. My daughter has MS and wants to visit all the national parks so I kept nagging him. Finally, received the ok and started researching everything. I looked at RV Trader every night, read blogs, compared and drove myself nuts. I’m not really a planner. I’m much more of a let’s do this and see what happens kind of gal. But, I try to be responsible so I attended the Escapees Boot Camp in AZ (invaluable, I might add) and then went to buy a used truck.

I’ve never driven a truck, let alone a 3/4 ton diesel. I thought, hey, I should go to a small town near my home (Kansas City, MO) and talk to what I’m sure will be nice people willing to guide me. So, as you can already tell, sometimes I’m just too trusting. But, they sure seemed like great guys. I told them what I was planning to do and they had just the truck. A 2006 GMC 2500 with under 200,000 miles but sharp and fun to drive. I knew this wouldn’t be a long term truck but maybe a year or two.

I bought new running boards and took it to my nephew to install. “You know you don’t have an exhaust system, just a straight pipe?” Me: “what does that mean?” Him “Well, it’s illegal…” This began my education of particulate filters and emission laws and just how evil and greedy some people can be. I went back to the dealer and demanded my money back. Nope, I bought it as is. But what about telling me it is ready to tow and just what I need and assuring me I was making the right decision? Some people have no morals. I decided to go ahead with trip and have the truck fixed in Phoenix. Karma. It will come for them one day. 

I bought a new Winnebago Lite 5 which is made by the former Sunnybrook company. 30 foot, rear kitchen. So far so good.

All packed up in Red Zeppelin and the Mothership, my daughter flew to KC to begin the maiden voyage with my dog, Dexter Corgan. Headed to Scottsdale with some sights to see along the way. I asked my brother to take a pic of the beginning of our journey. I guess I should have looked at it before leaving. Look how happy we are. 🙄F1291D89-FE6B-415B-A024-485C509A590E

Lesson 1. Some people are just plain evil. And don’t ask my brother to take a photo.