Down the Up Staircase

It wouldn’t be a weekend without something happening, would it? So the driveway guy put in many loads of “pit run” which is gravel/sand something that will harden to make my driveway. When he left on Friday he said to go ahead and move the trailer up the hill and he would just shape it up this week. You would think I would learn not to listen.

The driveway is a circle drive so that I can just pull the trailer around to leave. You know, since I can’t back it worth a darn. I pulled it up and realized it was a bit soft and I wasn’t comfortable setting up so I decided just to pull around the circle and go back to my original spot until he was done and it dried a bit. Welllll, the circle isn’t quite big enough but I thought I could skirt the edge and make it ok. Au contraire. I was doing ok but I lose sight of the right side when making a left turn so I didn’t notice that I had gone a bit over the edge of the driveway–enough for the stairs to open. And since I didn’t see that, I just kept going. They must have bumped a branch ( damn those branches). I decided to just set up camp on the driveway approach. And I have a fancy step stool as my new stairs. Sigh.

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